De Herrieboerderij is a sound equipment rental company for film witch has many custom build possibilities and a big universal set gear webshop.


De VCA (Vereniging Constructief Audio) is a Dutch association of members witch are professional and dedicated to sound on film.


STEIM (the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) is a independent electronic music centre for live-performances. They support developing, have lots of performances, workshops and Resident projects.


 Geluidskunstenaar Cilia Erens, introduced in 1987 the sound walk in the Netherlands and is using mainly the Binaural recording set up.


 School of Sound has master-classes and a wide range of good articles about creative use of sound with media an art. is a open source sound database with high and low quality sounds where you are able to download all for free.


 Stichting Geluidhinder is a association that has the goal to reduce sound nuisance (noise) in the Netherlands as much as possible. has lots of good articles, interviews and books about sound design.


SoundTransit is an online community dedicated to field recordings and phonography.


 On New American Radio you can listen to a lot of American sound art from 1987 till 1998.


Aafke Beernink, director of photography.